14.Kurt Johanning(non-registered)
Val, I just looked at the Missouri 2013 gallery. These are beautiful pictures. You have a real eye for framing a scene. As soon as I finish this comment I'll admire the rest of the pictures you've taken. It was great to meet you.
13.Karen J Doyle(non-registered)
Very nice work Valrie! I have recently taken up photography, I use a Nikon D3000. I'm not as good as you!
12.Rob Warwick(non-registered)
Beautiful Photo's!!! You have an eye for this, and can capture it perfectly
11.tamela glover(non-registered)
OMG Valerie! these pics are beautiful! you def have an eye for beauty! cant wait to get up there and meet you and hang out! thank you for everything!
10.Craig Markham(non-registered)
Hi Val, I haven't checked in here for a long time. Your comp skills are developing wonderfully, and very imaginative. I only have had enough time to skim a few of your galleries tonight, but hope to get back soon. Nice that you can get out and snatch some frames during your travels!

I had a great time prowling the eastern Sierras in October. I can see why Galen and Ansel loved to hang out there!
A super slideshow, keep at it Valrie! I'm sure you'll take some more super photos.
Hud ffotograffau gwerthfawr: ddiolch achos yn rhannu:)~
7.Paul McCombie(non-registered)
There is a lot of extremely good photography here - browsing this site is better than reading a book!
6.Christopher Johnson(non-registered)
Some wonderful photos. thanks
After several attempts and starts, I remembered the right combination of words to find your photography. I am happy I did. You have some truly spectacular work here. Much of it will inspire me to attempt new things in my own photography. I may even break down and purchase one of those lee filters :) Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge.

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