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Guestbook for 2012 Calendar final
Xi, an interested photographer(non-registered)
I thought I'd put all my comments here in one place rather than under each image. First some
general thoughts, I understand you're looking for comments on subject not necessarily image quality
as you're still doing post-processing. Well, all I can do is say what I like, I'm not a nature
photographer, so here goes ...

First, I think a calendar should be nice and colorful, good strong punchy images, you've got some
lovely shots here and it's difficult to choose only 12. I'm sorry I don't know the names of the
creatures they are quite different to those in my neck of the woods.

Aunt Jean, you have good taste!
And definately NO slugs, I don't care how good the shot is!

I really love image 60, the light is great, the composition is perfect, dreamy, but all the other
images I've selected are critters and so this one doesn't really fit with the others.
Images 12 & 15 are in, the colours here are wonderful, so vibrant and complimentary.
I've tended to inlcude images that feature the animal quite large in the frame, enough landscape
around to see the context, but not too much that the details are lost, just my personal preference.

Well done for capturing 2, the praying mantis, excellent pose!

The owl is lovely, you've done really well to get the bird front-on with no obstructions, love the
greens of the foliage and the texture in the feathers - that's in too.

Goodness, that was difficult, trying to choose ONLY 12, but I think I've got there; here's my
1, 21, 83, 8, 81, 12, 15, 19, 41, 49, 9, 42.

I think these images are really strong, I like 'em! But you might prefer something different, I'm
sure the project will be a great success. Congratulations.
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